Parents awareness Campaign

'Parents Child Awareness' Social Media Campaign Life Education (Healthy Harold) Life Education (Healthy Harold) has the difficult task of promoting healthy life choices to children in Australia. This campaign revolved around parents and their choices for their children. During a full day of filming, we captured multiple families talking about

Ozalia Ugg Boots

'Ugg boots' Australian made Ozalia Ozalia contacted us to create a brand video for their company manufacturing and selling Australian-made ugg boots. The goal of this social video campaign was to showcase that ugg boots can be worn in all sorts of environments, from its original raison d'être as feet

Sharp Slow Juicer Campaign

'Slow Juicer' Social Campaign Sharp Australia The client, Sharp Australia, approached for a fresh new style of video for their product. Our creative team collaborated with Sharp to come up with a storyline which started with short teasers. Following the teasers, a longer social ad was released telling shoppers about

Proud Parents Campaign

'Proud parents' Social Media Campaign Blue Mountains Hotel School A social media campaign aimed at the story of a graduate through the eyes of the parent, rather than the story of the student. This was a campaign that stood out from others as it focussed on the pride of parents

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