Online training is the future of education

We don’t just deliver video content – you also get years of expert knowledge in online training delivery. In 2006, just one year after YouTube was born, we recognised the immense and untapped potential of online video education, and started filming training videos for online delivery. Since then we’ve clocked up well over 5,000 hours of experience doing just that for all types of industries: education, government, military, private education, health & wellbeing, photography, videography, and many more!

We are the online education delivery experts. With a secret recipe of keeping production costs down and getting more content out there, we also know where and how to host your content for less, how to monetise your videos, and heaps more.

Even if you already use a production company, just contact us – see how we can save you money and increase your online presence.

We keep it simple

With a smaller crew and input from your training staff, we can keep costs down – so you get more videos.

Reduced-rate contracting

With a longer-term contract, we will be able to reduce our rates and produce even more for you.

We know the online world

With our thousands of hours spent in this space, we can guide you every step of the way and save you time and money.

Delivery: a walk in the park

We take the complication out of it for you. It’s easy when you know how. We know how.


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