Energise your message with 2D or 3D animation

Getting great footage is often just the first part of the process. Animated graphics and special effects in 3D can make your message sing from the screen. Maybe you require only a simple animated logo for your presentation, or perhaps you’d love a complex sequence of a 3D CGI Lamborghini lifting off from a Sydney street and flying away. Whatever you can dream up, make sure you talk to us!

Our rates are competitive and we work fast, increasing the output. Our post production team works with the industry-standard Adobe Creative Cloud package, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator. We also use 3D Studio Max for 3D rendering.

Movement makes all the difference

Ask us about our logo animations, which you can easily put into your presentations or video content.

Animations with voiceover

No wonder animations are very popular – they vividly convey exactly how a product, process or service works. Just add a clear, concise script and a professional voiceover. We know exactly where to source great voiceovers at a great price.

We invest in working faster

We are continuously updating our hardware, to keep up with the increasingly demanding workload.

Faster work = more efficiency for you.

Leading industry software

We were early converts to Adobe Premiere Pro years ago. It’s now the industry’s most used editing software. It also meshes seamlessly with the rest of the Adobe Creative Cloud programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects.


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