Add the WOW factor to your videos with professional drone shots

Our aerial work is amongst the best. We offer much more than just a bloke with a little backyard outfit. Our image quality, camerawork and insistence on safety and legality set us apart. Our knowledge, experience and professionalism mean it’s easy to fly with us!

Stunning image quality

We operate multiple drones, depending on the requirements:

  • Inspire 2 drone with X5S camera, ProRes & CDNG
  • Inspire 1 drone with Zenmuse X3 camera
  • Mavic Air 2

We guarantee you’ll be amazed at the outstanding colour and sharpness of your aerial images.

We make it easy

We will take out all the complexity of the aerial filming for you. We check and apply for all the area approvals required, making this an easy process for you. An initial discussion about your project, together with dates and location(s) will allow us to establish whether or not we can operate safely and legally for you.

See the footage straight away

No more guessing and hoping it works out well. We use the latest drone technology, allowing you to review the footage as it happens or immediately after the drone has safely landed, in full High Definition.

Scale the production up or down

We will work with you and your budget to tailor an affordable solution that works for everyone.

One pilot, one camera operator

To ensure your footage is of optimal quality, our drones usually engage two operators: the Remote Pilot controls the drone and the Camera Operator controls the camera and the recording. This means the pilot can focus on  flying, and the camera operator can concentrate on the footage, ensuring you get the absolute best out of your flying time.

Safety first

Digital Video Experts is a licensed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Operator, by CASA (the Civil Aviation Safety Authority).

We have the absolute highest standards when it comes to safety when operating the drone for our clients. When we fly, it’s your reputation and ours. So we cross every t and dot every i to ensure everything is safe and legal.

Our impeccable safety record as well as extra exemptions from CASA are a testament to our ability to fly safely and legally at all times.

Live on the big screen!

Event organisers pay attention: we can fly the drone and supply you with a full HD feed in real time to feed to your large event screens. This is impressive to say the least!


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